Horses from Rex & Lee Henrys studfarm.

(Sultao & Horta)
Silver medal at International Lusitano Championship in Lisbon, 1986, & at the Santarem National Show.
National Dressage Champion for all breeds in 1986 & 1991, Middle level.
Numerous first prizes in dressage competitions. National Show Jumping-Jumped without faults at first event with best horses.
Xiwara our breeding stallion are performing in classical exhibitions at the Morgado Lusitano Training Center at age 27. He is not fertile anymore.

Breeding stallion.

Graded: 75,0

(Universo & Bonita)
Lusitano Champion & "Absolute" Champion in class for model and gaits at Fatacil Fair, Lagoa, (Algarve) August 1992. Lusitano Champion in stallion class for 4 years and over shown under saddle, with two gold medals & title of "Excellent" at Ovibeja in March 1993. Edo was used as breeding stallions and were also performing in classical exhibitions at the Morgado Lusitano Training Center, with Xiwara.
(Edo is sold to Spain and being used as breeding stallion and Schoolmaster. The new owner

Sold to Spain.

Graded: 77,5

(Sultao & Bonita)
First at Golegã National Show in 1984 for 4 year old stallions under saddle. Second in Santarem National Show in 1987 for stallions four & over. Trained to high school level by Dr. Borba, Director of Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. Now the property of Martina Meier, Switzerland.

Sold to Switzerland!

Graded: 77,0

(Xer & Bambara)
Second at Fatcil in class for model & gaits for all breeds 1993.

Sold to France.



(Edo & Condessa

First at Azambuja May Fair, 1995, in 3 y.o. class. Second at Fatcil, Lagoa, August 1995 in class for model & gaits. He is a big, black stallion.
Was trained at Morgado Lusitano, by Rodrigo Matos. You could ride this lovely stallion at Morgado Lusitano.

This big strong horse has earned the name Leon for the size of his heart. One of the smartest horses ever to go through the Classical training program, he trained through High School movements in only one year, an amazing feat of athleticism.

He died in 2004.

Graded: 59,0

(Xiwara & Alteza) 

Now being used as breeding stallion by Annie Augras, France. She promotes her horses by entering dressage competions, some in Grand Prix level.

Graded: 72,5


7 y.o. stallion, born 1991 - height 1.68 - by APSL approved sire: Xiwara and dam: Alteza. Spectacular grey stallion approved for breeding. Outstanding trot, kind disposition. Dressage Champion, 1996. First, at age 5, in class for model & gaits for stallions 5 years & over, at Lisbon International Lusitano Championship. Jerezano was chosen to represent Portugal, along with two other Lusitanos, in a new dressage event for young sport horses held during the European dressage championship in Verden, Germany, 1997.

Sold to France
(Now the property of Yves Bienaimé, director-founder of the Musee Du Cheval, in Chantilly - France.(look here:

Graded: 74,5

4 y.o. stallion, born 1994 - height 1.62 - by APSL approved sire: Xiwara & dam: Alteza, Jerezano's full brother - grey. Started basic schooling in professional training center (Morgado Lusitano Training Center). Athletic & strong with affectionate temperament. He has dressage and jumping prospect.
(Nador is now sold for breeding Anglo-Lusos for jumping).


3 y.o. stallion, born 1995 - height 1.63 - by APSL approved sire: Xiwara & dam: Hazzara (black). Outstanding dark grey colt with lots of class & personality.
Trained at Morgado Lusitano Training Center, by Rodrigo Matos. Has dressage and breeding prospect.


3 y.o. stallion, born 1995 - height 1.60 - by APSL approved sire: Edo (Edo is 3/4th Veiga - 1/4th Andrade) & dam: Bemposta (Jaquetao by JAMONERO). Grey colt with impressive trot. Is basic schooled. He is approved for breeding.
Second at Vila Franca Xira May Fair, 1995, for foals at side.

Sold to Norway!

(Imperador & Bolinha)
Placed 4th at Azambuja Fair in class for brood mares with foals at side in 1987.
She was the foundation mare.

(Yap & Vedetta) 

Silver medal in halter class for 2 year old fillies at International Championships in 1985.

Sold to Belgium.

(Jaquetão & Ovarina)

The dam of Omar, Quno, Perla, Marbella.

Graded 73,5

(Yacht & Bonita)

Their breeding mare for many years, the proud dam of Hazzara, Jerezano, Nador, Oriana, Panda, Quduna.

Died in 2004 (age 22)

Graded 73,5


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