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Leon - (Edo x Condessa)


Edo - (Universo x Bonita)

Rex & Lee Henry

Stud farm founded in 1977 with broodmares from mainly Andrade e Veiga bloodlines.

Their breeding stallions. XER (Sultão x Bonita), XIWARA (Sultão x Horta). EDO (Universo x Bonita). LEON (Edo x Condessa) have won prizes in national championships and/or distinguished themselves in equestrian events such as competitive or artistic dressage, and as sires here and in other countries.

Originally, the stud farm consisted of two morphological types: one larger with the "shield" brand and those branded with the "gazela" brand were somewhat finer. Now they are a fusion of both types. Mares by XIWARA (gazela brand) are being bred to LEON (shield brand) the studs big black stallion presently performing in shows at Morgado Lusitano Equestrian Center a long with XIWARA, who is still part of their show, at 23 of age.

XIWARA has been outstanding in competitive and artistic dressage, jumping, as well as a great sire. A fine example is JEREZANO, who was first in the 5 years old class at the Lisbon Championship, won the Cup of Portugal for Dresage and participated also on the World Championship for Young Horses in Verden, Germany. JEREZANO is now standing at stud in France.

The stud has some fine black offspring from LEON and bay colts from EZANO (Xer x Ojanera). EZANO has recently been sold to France for breeding.

Rex & Lee Henry - Criadores de Puro Sangue Lusitano
Apartado 139
2601 - 997 Vila Franca de Xira - Portugal
Telefone: 263 282 574


APSL Catálogo 2001

Jerezano - (Xiwara x Alteza)

Xiwara - (Sultao x Horta)

Breeders Rex & Lee Henry

Stud farm founded in 1977 with a few broodmares from some of the best family lines: manly Andrade and Veiga. Later our cold SULTAO (ENEIAS x OJANERA) sired two of our best stallions, XER and XIWARA. The objective is to produce quality Lusitanos for performance and breeding through selection and Iinebreeding with stallions primarily from their stud.

The herd consists of two morphological types, one larger and more powerful with more Andrade / Veiga blood-the "SHIELD" brand the other marked with the "GAZELA" brand are finer and have more ZAPATERO ancestry.


• XER (SULTAO x BONITA): First at Golega National Show- 1984 - Class for 4 y.o. stallions under saddle. Second at Santarém National Show in 1987. I las bred in France and Switzerland. Trained to high school level.

• XIWARA (SULTAO x HORTA): Silver medal at International Lusitano Championship in Lisbon 1986, and at the Santarém National Show. Natioal Dressage Champion for all breeds in 1986 and 1991, medium level. National Show Jumping with no faults at first and only event.
Participated in numerous shows for the Morgado Lusitano Equestrian Center during special events or fairs. Usually ridden at the head of the ML center's carrousel, and often performs solo or "pas de deux".

• EDO (UNIVERSO x BONITA): Lusitano Champion and "Absolute" Champion in class for model and gaits at FATACIL Fair, Lagoa, 1992. Lusitano Champion - stallion class under saddle, two gold medals and title of "Excellent" at OVIBEJA in 1993. Schooled for classical dressage. Standing at stud in England.

• LEON (EDO x CONDESSA): First at Azambuja Fair, 1995, in 3 yr. old class.
Second at FATACIL, Lagoa, 1995, in class for model and gaits.

• JEREZANO (XIWARA x ALTEZA): First in class for stallions 5 years and over at age 5, Lisbon International Lusitano Festival, 1996. Winner of the "Cup of Portugal" at his debut in National Dressage (elementary level), 1996.

JEREZANO was chosen to represent Portugal, along with two other Lusitanos, in a new Dressage event for young sport horses held during the European Dressage Championship in Verden, Germany, 1997. Now the property of M.Yves Bienaime, founding director of the Horse museum, Chantilly, France.

Rex & Lee Henry - Criadores de Puro Sangue Lusitano
Apartado 139
2601 - 997 Vila Franca de Xira - Portugal
Telefone: 263 282 574

Article in the Portuguese magazine:

X Salão do Cavalo (7 a 10 Maio 1998) Vila Franca de Xira. – Coudelaria de Rex & Lee Henry.


Breeders Rex & Lee Henry

Stud farm founded in 1977 by Rex and his wife Lee Henry, as a hobby.

In the early 1970’s, Rex retired from the US government as a specialist in pasture/animal production, and moved to Spain. However, they had already heard about the special qualities of the Lusitano horse as far away as Senegal! And when the Henrys arrived in Southern Spain, one of the first things they did was buy a Lusitano colt from Sr. Luis Valenca. At that time, Dr. G. Borba was technicaladvisor for the Spanish School of Equestrian Art (now Real) and Sr. F. de Abreu was also riding and training horses at the school in Jerez. It was an opportunity for Lee to take lessons with her 3 y.o. colt as well as school horses. Performing a levade, with the help of her instructor, was an unforgettable experience.

While still living in Spain, the Henry’s went to Portugal to purchase two broodmares, who became the foundation of the coudelaria. OJANERA, was a medium size, from the CN/Coudelaria Natsional (JAMONERO) bloodline with Arsenio Cordeiro’s brand and had a colt at side by ENEIAS (Andrade). This colt later sired two of our best stallions – XER and XIWARA. BONITA was a big strong mare of Andrade/Veiga origins with the Conde Murca brand and which Rex considers his best mare. At age 8, from the “campo” (pasture) to competition! In less than one month she came in first place in a cross country event with no faults – trained and ridden by Rex. She was a natural at piaffe/passage.

In 1975, there were very few mares for sale in Portugal, but Spain had some excellent lusitanos. For this reason it was possible to breed OJANERA to a beautifully trained Jose Infante da Camara stallion by JAMONERO, located in Seville. This union resulted in the first colt born in Portugal with Henry’s gazela brand. This colt, VIANDANTE, later sired a lovely black filly -–now one of their best broodmares.

In 1978, they decided it was more logical to return to the source of origon to breed Lusitanos and moved to Vila Franca de Xira. Rex went back to Africa for the United Nations for one year. When Rex returned he purchased more mares. One of which was a bay Oliveira and Sousa mare who produced XIWARA. More recently they acquired a Casal Branco mare by JAQETAO, in foal to NILO. This mare produced a super filly by NILO and their stallion EDO has later sired quality offspring with this mare.

This stud farm has attempted to use primarily stallions of their breeding such as: XER (SULTAO & BONITA) was first at the Golega National Show for 4 y.o. under saddle in 1984.
XER was trained to high school by Dr. G. Borba. XIWARA, VIANDANTE.

However, in the past, they  an Andrade stallion, YAP, who sired several good mares and a bullfighting stallion, FADISTA ex-ZELOS, traned by Manuel Jorge Oliveira. Also some of the leading coudelarias have graciously permitted breeding to their stallions. For example: ALTEZA by YACHT (Andrade), EDO by UNIVERSO (Manuel Veiga), XANGO by REAL (Fernando Palha). All these were approved for reproduction and both XANGO and EDO have done well outside Portugal.

The coudelaria consist of two morphological types – one larger and more powerful with more Andrade/Veiga blood with Rex’s “shield” brand. The other, Lee’s “gazela” brand are finer and with more Zapatero ancestry. Therefore the reason for two brands, but Rex likes to say they could not agree on one brand!

Also Rex prefers bullfighting and Portuguese equation and Lee is more interested in classical dressage, but both their emphasis is on performance in whatever discipline the horse is best suited for. They try to give the colts the time necessary to develop prior to being trained at 3½ - 4 yrs. of age. The colts and fillies enjoy the wide open space and hilly country on the Henry’s “quinta” near Penamacor.

At present the stud farm has 6 mares and 7 males at different levels of schooling. Their present breeding stallion, XIWARA, 18 yrs. Old, is at Morgado Lusitano training center where he continues to be ridden for artistic exhibitions. This horse is one of their most outstanding as a performer/sire. XIWARA has won numerous prizes in national dressage, including National Dressage Champion (mid-level) in 86 and 91. In addition he demonstrated his jumping ability in national show jumping where he performed without faults. XIWARA is a silver medal winner at Lisbon Championship and Santarem National Show in 86. So far his most distinguished offspring is JEREZANO, ridden by Nun Palma Santos, was one of three Lusitanos to represent Portugal in a class for young sport horses (5 & 6 yrs.) held during the European Dressage Championship in Verden, Germany in 97.

The Henry’s goal is selective breeding for functional Lusitanos and in particular, the challenge of producing a few Lusitanos with the potential for the demanding discipline of competitive dressage.

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