Puro Sangue Lusitano for sale

From the breeders Rex & Lee Henry, these horses are for sale:

Some of the horses pedigree can be seen here


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Xiwara - 1980 (24 years old and still main breeding stallion and ridden by students and in the Morgado Lusitano Show), white, 1,57.

Silver medal at International Lusitano Championship in Lisbon 1986, and at the Santarém National Show.
Natioal Dressage Champion for all breeds in 1986 and 1991, medium level. National Show Jumping with no faults at first and only event.
Participated in numerous shows for the Morgado Lusitano Equestrian Center during special events or fairs. Usually ridden at the head of the ML center's carrousel, and often performs solo or "pas de deux".
Xiwara has been outstanding in competitive and artistic dressage, jumping, as well as a great sire.
In addition he is a wonderful school horse.

Approved for breeding with 75,0 points and the sire of The Henry's finest horses:
IMPALA (broodmare), JEREZANO (Show horse in France), NADOR, ORIANA (broodmare in France), PANDA, QADUNA (for sale), O'ZARRO, ROZARO (for sale), QUE-ZARA, PAZARRA, OSSA (for sale), SHONA (for sale), TARQUI.

He is looking for a good home.

    ENEIAS (4)
  SULTÃO (2)  
    OJANERA (2)
XIWARA (1)    
    ABIDO (5)
  HORTA (3)  
    SAGAZ (3)

(1) Rex & Lee Henry
(2) Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro, ARQ.
(3) Oliveira E Sousa - Casa Agricola
(4) Eng. fernando Sommer D'Andrade
(5) Jose Manuel Alves Ayres Mateus.




Ossa - (Xiwara & Giralda) bay and aproved for breeding.






Uro - 2001 (Ezano & Oura) bay, 1,59, pretty and with good gaits.

Sold to Sweden.




Shona - 2000 (Xiwara & Marbella) grey, 1,63, broken to saddle and aproved for breeding.

Sold to Sweden 2005!




Qaduna - (Xiwara & Alteza) grey and aproved for breeeding.

Sold to Sweden 2005!



Ufo - 2001 (Leon & Padiola) Brown/black, his sire was 1,65 and he is strong and gentle.

Sold to Sweden 2005!




Rozaro - 1998 (Xiwara & Hazzara) black, 1.60 and has basic dressage training, started piaffe and passage.

Sold to Sweden 2005!



Saba - 2000 (Xiwara & Bemposta) grey, 1,58, ridden and jumping, not yet graded.

Sold 2005! - Now fore sale in Sweden.



Upala - 2001 (Ezano x Impala) brown, 1.50. She was only use to the longe and not approved for breeding when sold.

Sold to Sweden 2004! - Died 2005.



Omar - 1995 (Edo & Bemposta) white, 1.64 and aproved for breeding. (more about Omar)

Sold to Norway 2004!



Palo D'Oro - 1996 (Edo & Impala) bay, 1.63, show and dressage prospect. (more about Palo)


  • Sold 2004 - used as breeding stallion in Portugal!

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